Quilts and pillows

Our quilts and pillows are available in a variety of models and designs, and we manufacture in both natural and synthetic materials.

Mattresses with great comfort

For good pressure relief and comfortable sleep - we have a wide range of mattresses adapted to different body shapes.

Fast and flexible production service

Our modern machinery and well-developed sewing department means we can respond quickly to all your production needs.

Together with the healthcare sector, we develop and contribute to a better healthcare environment. We can customize all products according to suitability and needs!

For a healthy healthcare environment

Environment and Sustainability

COMCO works actively to ensure environmentally friendly and efficient manufacturing that helps to secure an ecologically sustainable society for future generations.

Our products are free of harmful chemicals and dyes and meet the high health and safety requirements of the public sector. Read more

Why you should choose us

Quality craftsmanship

Our professional pride, years of experience and renowned seamstresses guarantee high quality products.


With our own factory and a network of sister companies, we can produce large as well as small volumes and tailor them to your needs, while ensuring speedy delivery!

Personal & affordable

As a family business, we value personal contact and service. And our short decision paths and lead times mean quick responses and good prices.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch - we are always ready to help you!